Disasters are the primary obstacles standing in the players' ways. They must overcome them and survive to earn cash to buy items; let it be weapons to kill, speed or healing, the choice is yours!

Zombies - Zombies is a simple type of disaster; tombstones will spawn in the center of the map and zombies spawn on them, chasing the nearest target. A little side not; they do not respawn.It features dark fog to match the ambience for the audience.

Noobs - Noobs will spawn on Spawn Points and hunt down the nearest players. They can easily be killed but can easily form hordes.

Explosive Noobs - Similar to Noobs, spawning on Spawn Points and hunt the nearest person; however! These will tick and blow up in a matter of seconds, instantly killing players but can also kill other noobs, making them useful to get rid of hordes.

Flash Flood - A flood of water, the size of the map, will rise, slowly damaging and eventually killing players submerged in it. Might seem easy, but if maps like Checkers have buildings destroyed, it might be difficult!

Rising Lava - This disaster is similar to Flash Flood; however, it can burn down buildings and almost instantly kills players submerged in it; however, to balance the diffuculty, it rises slower then Flash Flood, giving you more time to climb on high areas.

Plane Crash - A large white plane will spawn and head towards the house, eventually landing and blowing up itself and other players near the crash.

Tornado - A tornado will be heading towards the house, grabbing any blocks on its way and spinning them, eventually making them disappear into nothing. The house and the tower near it is guranteed to be destroyed.

Nyan Cat - The music will change to "Nyan Cat - daniwellp" and a giant nyan cat will be heading towards the house, instantly killing players. It will not destroy the house. As an effect, it can turn a block (or player) a random color, giving them the appearance of rainbow.

Missile Launcher - A turret will spawn in the center of the map and shoot missile rockets at players near it. It will not shoot any players that have already died. It can cause some destruction if it shoots the house or other buildings.

Dynamites - Large dynamites fall from the sky, blowing up any players near it and destroying buildings. They usually bounce towards corners.

Kamehameha - Goku will spawn across the house and will yell out KAMEHAMEHAAAA! while bursting a blue laser, swinging right to left (if standing on house). It can only be avoided by jumping over it (high risk) or running to the left corner (if standing on house).

Dr Robotnik - Players will teleport into an arena with Eggman. It contains 8 breakable cubes, which Eggman will randomly go down and destroy leaving gaps to spikes down below. You can parkour from cube to cube, however, it is a high risk without the Gravity/Speed Coil. The music changes to "Boss - Sonic The Hedgehog".

Hammer Eggman - Players will once again teleport into an arena with Eggman. Totems will rise up, both left and right, leaving players trapped in a tight arena. Eggman will fly left to right with a hammer, slamming the totems and an arrow will fly out, which the players have to avoid. You can stand on the arrows for a boost. The music changes to "Boss - Sonic The Hedgehog 2".

Barrier Eggman - Players will once again be teleported into an arena with Eggman. Eggman will stand with a pad on the right, and the area is blocked by forcefield/beams. A device will appear above and flash blue, charging out a large beam which the players need to avoid. The music changes to "Boss - Sonic The Hedgehog 3".

Tetris - Tetris bricks will fall from the sky and land. Players need to climb to the top via the blocks to reach the end of the disaster. Touching a falling cube or getting squished will kill you. Falling cubes will display more brighter. The music changes to "Tetris Theme A" or "Tetris Theme B".

Avalanche - A large hill will rush, across the house, with some slopes. Large snowballs will then spawn and roll down, hitting players and giving an instant-kill. Get inside the house or take cover to survive. Touching the snowballs, even after they roll, will still kill you. It is also very foggy.

Pacman - A large Pacman will spawn in the center of the map, and will chomp in a random style. The more blocks Pacman eats, the more faster he'll go!

Acid Rain - Green blocks will fall from the sky in large amounts, making blocks disappear due to their toxic feels and killing players instantly if caught. You can go to corners to increase survival.

Tsunami - The map will be filled with water, rushing into a random direction. Whichever direction it goes, is where the tsunami slides. The tsunami instant-kills, breaks unanchored bricks and slowly shrinks as it goes.

Spiked Walls - 2 Walls will spawn either West and East or North and South, filled with spikes, and close in into a tiny line of clearness. The players need to rush to the center to survive. NOTE: THERE ARE BLACK PARTS IN THE WALL, SEEMINGLY HARMLESS, BUT THEY CAN STILL KILL YOU!

Meteors - The map will be an orange fog and meteors will fall down from the sky and explode. They will not explode contact; they have a countdown before detonation, giving time to flee. The music will change to "Kirby Air Ride - Meteors".

Fire Breath - Players will teleport into an arena in the center, with the Fire Breath mech. It will spit fire half way across the arena and launch 3 missiles into the sky. The missiles will fall down and explode on random locations. This will be done 4 times: although, the sprites can lag.

Pacman Ghosts - The four ghosts from Pacman; Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde; will spawn in the middle of the map and travel a random direction, like Pacman; however, they cannot eat bricks to go fast. After a while, they will speed-up, making louder noise and is more dangerous.

X-Bomb - A large bomb appears in the center and beeps a few times. Once it explodes, it shoots lasers in a "X" style (hence its name). The players must avoid the lasers/beams to live. The lasers can destroy buildings. It comes in 2 ways: In a "+" way or "x" way.

Time Bombs - Small bombs will fall from the sky, ticking and exploding, causing chaos to buildings, but is easy to survive as humans. Corners seem more safe then the reset of the map.

Bombers - Rushing black planes will zoom through the sky, dropping a bomb on a random player. It can easily kill AFK players and players that don't move. Moving seems to increase survival, but Speed Coil helps alot better.

Raining Tacos - Tacos will rain from the sky, instantly killing those who touch it. They come in heavy amounts so be careful! The music changes to "Raining Tacos - PartyGripp and BooneBum", which almost everyone seems to hate.

Shoop Da Whoop - A giant Shoop Da Whoop face appears across from the house and fires a large, white laser while laughing.

Shedletsky - Every character will turn into a chicken, and ShedletSkys will spawn, eating players until they die. You can stay as a chicken, even after the round ends, however, it will be removed after Map Vote, reseting or dying.

Guest Ambush - Guests will spawn around the map and hunt down the nearest players. If many (actual) Guests are in the server, it might be confusing. Many consider this disaster offensive to Guests. It will also be dark foggy.

Giant Noob - A giant noob that spawns in the middle. It has goofy animations. It appears to be broken currently.

Thief - This disaster contains only one humanoid, but that humanoid (the Thief) is extremely fast and can jump high. As a challenge, it can take away your coins.

Minions - Lots of Minions will spawn in the center of the map, ambushing. The timer is very long and they easily form hordes, so watch out!

Ninja Noobs - Noobs appear, but they have a sweatshirt around their forehead. They also throw Ninja Stars, making them long-ranged killers.

Death Trampoline - A large trampoline covers the floor of the map. Any player who touches it will bounce to the sky and die. Broken parts can also fly up. On certain maps it is easy like Sweet Mountain.

Ghosts - Ghosts spawn and chase players. However, they can fly, making high areas not safe, and at certain times, turn invisible temporarily.

TEH EPIK DUCK IS COMING! - The floor of the map will be covered in water and the epic duck spawns across the house. It can fly and is very fast so run away or risk your streak to fight. It is a reference to the old ROBLOX meme "TEH EPIK DUCK IS COMING!!", mostly said by Guests using Safe Chat.

Shark Attack - Like The Epic Duck, the floor will be covered in water and the shark spawns across the house. It cannot jump, but is fast and can easily kill players not on high grounds.

Raining Noobs - Inanimate noobs will fall from the sky and bounce around. Might seem/sound easy, but they drop in heavy amounts and you are doomed to die without shelter!

Yoshi Eggs - Eggs from Yoshi (Mario) will fall from the sky. They drop in heavy amounts and are large and easily move unanchored buildings; watch out!

Soccer Balls - Soccer Balls will fall and bounce from and to the sky! After a while of bouncing, they will roll around.

Rising Acid - Acid will rise from the ground and make things rusty and putrid. Players in the acid will be guranteed to die and the rusty, putrid parts will slowly damage survivors, even after the round ends! It rises higher then Flash Flood so watch out!

Mine Spawn - Mines will spawn on Spawn Points, quickly beep and then detonate. It dosen't really destroy that much buildings. Sometimes, the mines can spawn inside areas, like the hills in the Sonic Map.

Press The Button - A button appeared in the middle of the map and the players must run towards it and press it. The pressed button will release a safe area around the middle and the rest will be filled with a red barrier, killing players who were too slow. This was removed, maybe because of Mystery Disasters being unfair. It is getting added back though.

Meteorite - A large meteor spawned in the middle of the map and explode, destroying all around the middle and bluring the screen with white, similar to Flashbangs. It is unknown why this was removed. It was later replaced with Meteors.

Tetris (OLD) - This old Tetris disaster is used in early STD2. Instead of climbing to the top, players must find gaps/shelter to avoid the bricks. It was replaced later with the new Tetris, during the Hyper Disaster Update.

(Italic means removed)

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