Maps are the atmosphere and area the player will have to survive in. There are multple maps with different themes.

Completed Maps Edit

-Desert (set in a sand land where there are mutliple hills, cactuses, a sandy home and mini-towers.)

-Green Hill Zone (set in a Sonic land with collectible rings and Ring Boxes.)

-Acid Depths (set in an mysterious acid area with acid rising and sinking. It is a small map.)

-Halloween (set in a spooky yard with a big house, graveyards and dead trees.)

-Atlantis (set underwater with fish and broken palace covers.)

-Test (has multiple stuff for testings, like zombie ragdolls, Ring Boxes and block formations.)

Under-Construction Maps Edit

-Animal Crossing (set in a Animal-Crossing themed world with blooming flowers and bright-green grass.)

-Checkers (set inside a checkered house, contains a house, towers and checkered balls.)

-Sweet Mountain (set in a land of sweets, made by metaecho.)

-Christmas (set in a snowy area with multiple houses and candy canes. Snow can be seen falling.)

Removed Edit

-Galaxy (set in a colourful galaxy with hexagon platforms.)

-Roblox (set in an old Crossland map.)

Music Edit


-Maple Story - Nett's Pyramid

-Maple Story - Sunset Desert

-Kirby Air Ride - Sky Sands

Green Hill Zone:

-Sonic The Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone

-Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Emerald Hill Zone Act 1

Acid Depths:

-Super Smash Bros Melee - Brinstar Depths


-Maple Story - Phantom Forest


-Maple Story - Shining Sea

-Ristar - Splash Down!! (MIGHT be removed)