There are many different types of disasters, explosive, humanoid, house, whatever! Here is a list of them.

Humanoid Edit

Humanoid disasters, are disasters that involve living entities attacking the nearest player. They can spawn in the center, back or on Spawn Points. Many have different health, damage, jump height and speed.

Rising Edit

Rising disasters, are disasters that involve a type of liquid rising. The only way to live is to go to higher ground or else they will drown/burn. Many have different rising speeds and height.

House Edit

House disasters, are disasters that target the house. They commonly include the original Plane Crash, the fooling Illumina and the fast Tornado.

Explosive Edit

Explosive disasters, are disasters that involve exploding and killing players instantly. Some can be falling from the sky (like Time Bombs or Dynamites) or can home into players (Missile Launcher and Explosive Noobs).

Eggman Edit

Eggman disasters, are disasters that involve getting teleported to the center of the map in a 2D battle with Eggman, make it dodging missiles to jumping over arrows to avoiding beams!


Other disasters, are disasters that do not belong in a certain catagory. This includes: Epic Fail Katana, Kamehameha and others.