Warning Rounds are special rounds to make a challenge to the bored. It can be one of the four modes. They can take place of any round (except the first ever one in a new map).

Mystery Disaster Edit

Mystery Disasters, as their names imply, are disasters that do not spoil its name. This can leave players unprepared; as it can be a raining one, a humanoid attack or a rising one. To make things difficult, dense fog can appear, making surprise attacks from Missile Launcher and Nyan Cat possible. The music changes to "Kirby Air Ride - Dense Fog Today". The timer will always be 45 seconds.

Triple Threat Edit

Triple Threats, as their name implies, are rounds that spawn three disasters on the map. They are different combinations of them:

Currently-known Combinations:

-Explosive Noobs, Dynamites and Plane Crash

-Acid Rain, Flash Flood and Tsunami

-Triple Pacman (removed)

-Meteors, Dynamites and Missile Launcher

-Explosive Noobs, Noobs and More Noobs (removed)

-Bombers, Time Bombs and Explosive Noobs

-Bombers, X-Bomb and Time Bombs

Hyper Disaster Edit

Hyper Disasters are rounds that make the certain disasters a bit more harder.

Currently-known Disasters:

-Explosive Noobs (they don't tick and their blast radius is larger)

-Fire Breath (Shoots 6 missiles instead of 3)

-Time Bombs (Bombs are cubes, making them bounce around more often, corners are less safe)

-Bombers (Drops 3 bombs on a person instead of one) (MIGHT be removed)

-X-Bomb (The lasers turn clockwise)

-Spiked Walls (Comes from all 4 directions, closes in faster)

-Barrier Eggman (Device shoots faster)

-Illumina (Can move towards players, soon to be added)

-Tsunami (More faster and ernomous, soon to be added)

-Hammer Eggman (Hits totems more faster, soon to be added)

Double Trouble Edit

Similar to TT (Triple Threat) but only spawns 2. Has more combinations then TT:

Currently-known Combinations:

-Avalanche and Raining Tacos

-Missile Launcher and Flash Flood

-Rising Lava and Acid Rain

-Tornado and Shurikens

-Ninja Noobs and Shurikens

-Spiked Walls and Illumina (might be removed)

-Spiked Walls and X-Bomb (might be removed)

-Pacman and Pacman Ghosts

-Shoop Da Whoop and Kamehameha

-Bombers and Time Bombs

-Explosive Noobs and Noobs

Music Edit


-Kirby Air Ride - Dense Fog Today

Triple Threat, Double Trouble & Hyper:

-Jormungand PO - The First Step To Escape From Complex

-Rotteen - The Last Machine I Trusted

-Attack On Titan OST 2: Track 4

-Anamanaguchi - The Dark One

-Porter Robinson - Flicker (Mat Zo Remix)

-Nero - Doomsday (CUT)

-Au5 - The Seahorse VIP (CUT)

For Hyper Eggman Disasters:

-Final Boss - Sonic The Hedgehog 2

-Final Boss - Sonic The Hedgehog 3

Minigames Edit

This special round was removed for unknown reasons. It involved being teleported to a parkour-styled arena and collecting tokens to get coins. The only tokens were $5, $10, $20 and $50. There were also spikes and pits to kill players. It was liked by many players but was removed for good...



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